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Web Designers, Development & Graphics,Film / TV Music Composers,Video Editing - Editors & Streaming, Audio Production
Website Design Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Broward County - South Florida

Web Design Fort Lauderdale
We are a full service Multimedia Creation & Development company specializing in unbridled creativity. We can help you or your company achieve creative goals in a wide variety of ways. Flytrap Media offers Affordable Web Hosting, custom designed HTML web sites, Flash web sites & applications, PHP applications & E-Commerce sites w/Shopping Cart integration and combinations thereof that incorporate our Graphic Design expertise; creating a Superior Web Presence that stands out from the norm.

Flash & PHP Development
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
HTML Sites Web Hosting

 Graphic Design, Web Banners, Flash Animations, Logos & Flyers Design...

Graphic Design in Fort Lauderdale

Our Affordable Graphic Design expertise includes the creation of Print & Web Advertising Materials without limitation. This includes LogosDesign, Business Card Design, Flyers Design, Email Marketing Images, Newspaper / Magazine & Directory Ads Design, Product Brochures Design, etc. At Flytrap Media, our philosophy is that your design, logo & imagery is a visual analogy for your company or product. The visual should convey and support the message.

Flyer Design Web Banner Design

 Original Music Composers for Film, TV, Music LIcensing, DJ's & Live Performers...

Music Composer for Film, TV, Games, Commercials
Flytrap Rekordingz is the music-related aspect of our company. We are proud to offer Original Music Composition for all types of media. We have professional signed & unsigned composers, producers, performers, & DJ’s available to create unique professional pieces of music ranging from Film Scores / Film Trailers, Cinematica, Orchestral, Electronica, Jazz / Nu-Jazz / Acid-Jazz, Hip-Hop / Trip-Hop, House, Lounge, Experimental / IDM, Radio Ads, Commercial Jingles & Audio Branding, & any combinations thereof.

We have performers that play many Exotic & Conventional instruments including Ethnic/Tribal Percussion (Dumbeks, Darbukkas, Congas, Bongos, Riqs, Udus, Tablas, etc.), Flutes (Ney Flutes, Native American Flutes, Snake Charmer Flutes, etc.), Jaw Harps, Turkish Banjo aka Cumbus, Tympani, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass Guitars, Drums, etc. Our Artists & DJ’s & Performers are also available for performances at clubs, private events, per booking request.


Video Editing in South Florida
Flytrap Media offers exemplary Photography & Video Production / Editing services for Web, Print & Broadcast Mediums. We specialize in photo shoots for products, CD covers, Ads, Press Packs, etc. Our Video Editing services include Flash Video Streaming for super fast-loading video experiences on the web, Video Editors for Broadcasting on Television, as well as Storyboarding & Conceptualizing a project.

Flash Video Streaming for the Web
Audio Production & Post

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Internet Development
Graphic Designers in Fort Lauderdale
Video Editing
Music Composers & Licensing
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