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The Swindle' aka il Bidone
Theme Song for 'il bidone'
by Okulus Anomali
Thematic World-Fusion track where Organic meets Electronic. Boasting a quirky, insane carnivalesque feeling, this track was composed with original instrumentation ranging from the Turkish Cumbus, Melodica, Horns, Jazzy Basslines and the unmistakable Calliope. Composed as a theme song for a theatre adaptation of Federico Fellini's "Il Bidone'.
Ancient meets Baroque
by Okulus Anomali
Imagine an ancient Northern European tribe engaging in warfare w/the Roman Empire, atop a hill overlooking the valley of impending death. Picture the 300 Spartans facing the Persion army of 300,000 men. This track captures the feeling of an army facing certain defeat, laden with despair & pride, they know they must move forward to uphold their honor.
And So, Does the Sun Rise
Bossa-Nova Electro Lounge
by Konundrumz
Sun-Drenched rays of positive sounds, immerses the listener in a World Fusion, Mid-Tempo hybrid of live Organic Instrumentation on a bed of tight & snappy Bossa Nova beats. This Loungey track is sure to evoke a smile and an elated feeling of warmth.
World-Fusion Acid-Jazz
by Konundrumz
Combining Egyptian scaled melodies, South American Percussion & American Jazz motifs, Pangaea is a very unique tune created with an experimental cross-over approach. Pangaea is infused with a Ney Flute solo, driving upbeat Jazzy Basslines & superb vocal Skatting.
Sexy Middle-Eastern Downtempo
by Okulus Anomali
appearing on 'Katharsis'
Sexy Vocals lace this experimental Arabic-Vibed Chill-Out track. Hi-Tech Electronic edits coupled w/glitchy Flutes, Guitars and Dumbek drums. Saffron is a combination of Tough, Sexy & Exotic beats & soundscapes. Saffron remains one of the jewels and most played tunes from Okulus' "Katharsis" album.
Seduktion of the Syrenz
Homer's Odyssey in Downtempo
by Okulus Anomali
appearing on 'Katharsis'
One can imagine the seductive allure of the Syrens as experienced by Odysseus(Ulysses) on his epic journey in Homer's most reknowned piece of literary art. "Seduktion of the Syrenz" haunts the listener with the hallow and invoking tones of the Conch shell, as it caresses w/it's soft melodies and enchanting Vocals.
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Breakbeat & Housey Spaghetti Western
Ennio Morricone
Remix by Okulus Anomali
An upbeat and modern remixing of a classic Ennio Morricone film score to a film by the same name. An infusion of Big Bad Basslines, Glitchy Housey Vibes infused with Breakbeats, this track is a dancefloor smasher.
Sheherazad (I Dream of Jeannie)
Upbeat-Jazzy Drum'n'Bass
Hugo Montenegro
Remix by Okulus Anomali
A quirky, upbeat & highly playful remixing of the "I Dream of Jeannie" theme, this Jazzy Drum'n'Bass dancefloor favorite brings great joy in the form of smiles and girating hips on makeshift dancefloors everywhere.

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Flytrap Rekordingz is the music-related aspect of our company. We are proud to offer Original Music Composition for all types of media. We have professional signed & unsigned composers, producers, performers, & DJ’s available to create unique professional pieces of music ranging from Film Scores / Film Trailers, Cinematica, Orchestral, Electronica, Jazz / Nu-Jazz / Acid-Jazz, Hip-Hop / Trip-Hop, House, Lounge, Experimental / IDM, Radio Ads, Commercial Jingles & Audio Branding, & any combinations thereof.

We have performers that play many Exotic & Conventional instruments including Ethnic/Tribal Percussion (Dumbeks, Darbukkas, Congas, Bongos, Riqs, Udus, Tablas, etc.), Flutes (Ney Flutes, Native American Flutes, Snake Charmer Flutes, etc.), Jaw Harps, Turkish Banjo aka Cumbus, Tympani, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass Guitars, Drums, etc. Our Artists & DJ’s & Performers are also available for performances at clubs, private events, per booking request.
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